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 Peter Zomick
  NMLS ID: 70380

  Tel   877.523.3886 x 205
  Fax  704.405.9639
 Why I Like My Job  I enjoy earning my living by helping homeowners and home-buyers make an informed and confident decision regarding their mortgage. 
 Hobbies  Scuba diving, Playing the drums, Koi Pond Husbandry, Family time 
 School  Ohio State University 
 HomeTown  Marlboro, NJ 
 Family  My four children 
 Interesting  I lived on a liveaboard in the North Coral Sea for two weeks scuba diving. 
 Customer Quote  "Not only did Peter provide me with a rate below others, he was able to close my loan on time."  
    Patricia J. Charlotte, NC 
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